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short for bitch, but used in a playful sort of way. Not intended to be hurtful and often used between friends.
OMG bish, you took forever to call me back!
dodane przez l7ol7e marzec 14, 2005
1388 337
Soft and loving term for "bitch".

A very good friend that you have known for an extremely long time; she's like a sister, but has the tendency to be a bitch at times. Despite her bitchiness, you love her anyway.
Amy has been my bish since we were in high school.
dodane przez Celticgirl66 wrzesień 25, 2006
572 381
bishes - safe for work form of bitches.

Quit acting like a bunch of bishes, and shut the fuck up.
dodane przez HeaTMiseR listopad 01, 2004
112 34
An extraordinary creature, half bird, half fish. There are only twelve species of bish left. They are found in the fresh waters of Russia, Uzbekistan, Israel, India and Philippines.
dodane przez Project #22329 Aflitunov grudzień 02, 2010
161 110
it means bitch in a nice way
"whatsup, bish"?
dodane przez the real Bish czerwiec 02, 2011
101 54
Another word for "bitch". Word not meant to offend people.
Steven:hey sup bish
Ashley:bish ?
do your book report !
Steven:haha! wat a bish.
dodane przez Logic12 październik 27, 2008
213 168
Similar to bitch, just bish
What the fuck this bish be thinkin'?
dodane przez Monimustache marzec 08, 2009
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