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The act of changing your mind on a subject matter because Obama agrees with you.
The republicans blacktrack onwar in Syria because Obama emplores congress to vote yes on a strike there.
dodane przez billmaherluvr wrzesień 13, 2013
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black·track intransitive verb \’blak-,trak\

The act of changing your mind because President
Obama has agreed with you.

(origin: September 2013, Americanism; Bill Maher - Real Time With Bill Maher)

black (1) + track

1. a dark color, like the color of the current

American President Barack Obama 2009-...
Republicans blacktracked on waging war with Syria
dodane przez YvesNY wrzesień 13, 2013
The act of changing one's mind because President Obama has agreed with you.
Bob: Hey Eddie, when do you think Obama plans on bombing some more brown people? It doesn't look like that Syria thing is going to happen.

Eddie: Well don't lose hope yet, every conservative in congress just did a blacktrack. There may be bombing after all if they have anything to say about it.
dodane przez ComradWinston wrzesień 16, 2013
The act of changing one's mind because President Obama has agreed with you.
Republican Congressman/Congresswoman "I oppose war with Syria." President Obama "I also oppose war with Syria." Republican Congressman/Congresswoman "I support war with Syria." (Black Tracking)
dodane przez Nascarking24 wrzesień 16, 2013
The audio accompaniment provided by black people during scary movies.
Black moviegoer in row 19: "What's wrong wit her? Man, if my shorty did that I'd punch her in the face and be like 'Shorty whas wrong witchu?'"
White moviegoer in row 18: "Dude, this blacktrack is amazing."
Other white moviegoer in row 18: "Truth."
dodane przez JJJJJJJJ8 styczeń 16, 2010

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