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What you call a big fat guy named BOB.
Blob should pay more then us for the pizzas because he eats two pizzas all by himself.
dodane przez the howboucha guy marzec 06, 2008
190 69
A menstruating lady's period
Stay out of her way - she's on the blob
dodane przez Daddy Fabu maj 06, 2005
226 120
BLOB is an acronym for Binary Large OBject. It is a data type used for storing large binary information in the database. Typically BLOBs are images, audio or other multimedia objects...
Geek Girl: I need to store videos in my database. What data type should I use?

Geek Boy: use BLOB, it is great for storing large files like that.
dodane przez Kalamelka wrzesień 09, 2006
84 38
1-n-a person who is fat
2-n-the actual fat on a person's body
3-v-to do nothing of importance; hang around
4-v-to be PMSing
1-that blob got in the way of our basketball game!
2-eytan's blob shook as he walked
3-sara and i just blobbed around all day
4-she's blobbing today. be careful
dodane przez Shane O' czerwiec 05, 2005
102 61
A fat drunk obnoxious disgusting mooch who will eat anything as long as it's free.
Hey look dude, "Blob" just ate a bunch of frozen hotdogs, moldy bread and then puked on your new chair.
dodane przez Crapcake sierpień 30, 2006
44 22
a term used in RTS game; Company of Heroes where players make large amounts of infantry and move all of them in one flank
Dude 1: fuck that PE (Panzer Elite) noob is blobbing PG's (Panzergrenadiers)

Dude 2: Bring out the MG or 105 arty

Noob: fuck they killed my blob, fuckin cheaters
dodane przez yrba1 kwiecień 12, 2009
20 4
an X-Men villain...a gigantic moving fat guy with strange hair.
Nothing moves the blob!
dodane przez Nothing Moves the Blob styczeń 18, 2005
35 27