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Australian, n, nickname for a redhead.
Now thats a nice looking bluey mate.
dodane przez herbie sierpień 31, 2004
A £5 note. 'Cos it's blue innit?

(Not a £10 which is orange!)
Ahh mate, I'm brassic, shout us a bluey!
dodane przez denzille maj 14, 2005
1. Australian slang for a red head.
2. Australian slang for the communications protocol bluetooth.
1. Oi! Bluey! What ya doing mate??!
2. Is your bluey on mate?
dodane przez evovove lipiec 13, 2006
£5 worth of cannabis
"You shottin dat bluey?"
dodane przez Mr Hash grudzień 03, 2004
Slang term for a type of jellyfish found in the waters around Australia and near the Great Barrier Reef.
"Say, is that a bluey?"
"I think so. Let me touch it...AIEEEE!"
dodane przez Brainiac marzec 02, 2005
A pornographic film; usually a video.

British usage.
That bluey I watched last night got me so horny and hot that I had to jerk off twice.

My Brit girlfriend asked me if I wanted to watch a bluey with her. I said, "what's a bluey?" "Well this one is called 'Prom Queen'."
dodane przez anglophile-4u listopad 28, 2009
Porn you watch

ususally watch when going through a dry spell

derived from blue balls
Dude i haven't got laid in months, I'm going to check out a bluey
dodane przez Kristopher Washington kwiecień 22, 2007