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A Belfast Slang Word For A Wee Girls Vagina!
I booted her in the blurt
dodane przez WeeSaz grudzień 03, 2003
A word used to describe a dickhead in Liverpool
"H'es just a little blurt"
dodane przez Chenz kwiecień 13, 2005
To say something quickly without thinking about it first.
She just blurted out, "I'm gay!"
dodane przez tt luty 17, 2003
when you tell someone to get out of a place fast.
"o my god he's coming"
dodane przez SeXy PrI październik 25, 2004
Sperm, Ejaculate, Cum
"I really want to blurt on her face"
dodane przez Jordo81 grudzień 10, 2007
Co.tyrone slang for a woman's heavy period discharge
You are a wile bit of blurt

"Go change your blurt rag you grumpy mare"

Friend 1 "did you get the ride from her"
Friend 2 "naw sure the blurt was dripping out of her"
dodane przez Blurt face kwiecień 15, 2013
leave, bounce, cum get out of there
I'm about to blurt man.
dodane przez shizzle my nizzle czerwiec 06, 2003