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big 'ol girl

meaning: Your gay male friend who emanates femininity.
I went out Saturday night with the high school quarterback just to find out he was a bog.
dodane przez SharpInSF czerwiec 21, 2009
8 22
When one person positions themselves in such a way that their buttocks is in direct conjunction with the buttocks of another. Once this position is achieved, the two parties proceed to fart at precisely the same time, thus canceling out the fart itself.

"Man, did you hear about Melissa and Gail bogging last night? that's disgusting!"

"To err is human, to bog is divine"- William Shakespeare.
dodane przez Rick and Anthony. wrzesień 02, 2008
13 27
A homosexual.
"A 10 year old pop star? What a bog!"
dodane przez 4n4rchy lipiec 16, 2008
3 17
Another word for shroom which are mushrooms containing psilocybin and psilocin, that are ingested for there hallucinogenic properties. It can also be used as a synonym for any other illegal drug.

This word was first commonly used by the SMART CREW (graffiti crew) from NYC. It is now often used in the New England area in many underground cultures. It is a very versatile word that can also be used as a verb, noun, adjective, etc... with completely different meanings.
Are you going bog out tonight?

Are there any cameras? I'm just going to bog it, look out for boggers.

Who's bog-tending tonight? You think we can get free drinks?
dodane przez Ray Brower marzec 26, 2008
32 46
To bust ass, or let a particularly "ripe one" loose.
After eating chili and hard boiled eggs for lunch, phil bogged in class and completely cleared the room.
dodane przez thatoneguywhodoesthings marzec 02, 2007
9 23
to ditch someone; leave someone out or behind.
yo let's bog this fool; c'mon johnny, why gotta bog out on us like that?
dodane przez C&G październik 20, 2006
3 17
Cricket term - Best On Ground
matty was bog on for test match
dodane przez jinga luty 25, 2005
4 18