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the period of time starting when you first realize you're excited and ending when you have a complete erection
I started bonering when Julia gave me that backrub at work this morning.
dodane przez BBoyStance23 wrzesień 02, 2010
6 0
The act of hands-free, semi-masturbation between two dudes.
Two (or more) guys rubbing their penises against each other.
"Did you guys fuck last night?"
"No, we spent most of the time bonering."
dodane przez jdandy styczeń 19, 2010
6 2
noun. the action of getting a boner. what happens when a guys sees any really hot chick.
Dude! Check out that fine ass over there maan, I think I'm bonering!
dodane przez FatalError marzec 10, 2004
6 3
Generally getting excited about something
I am totally bonering for our upcoming ski trip.
dodane przez BBoyStance23 sierpień 22, 2010
2 1
Buffering media footage as it is downloaded, specifically for pornographic material (e.g. a video)
I was readying my supplies as the porno was bonering. It was a large file, so there was a lot of bonering.
dodane przez BBoyStance23 sierpień 22, 2010
2 1