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scottish slang term for trousers/pants
did ye see the nick o'thae breeks he wiz wearin'?
dodane przez Haggiz czerwiec 21, 2007
a cover-up term for a pretty female who's still a ho, slut, barbie, glaze, smut, slide, skeet, bitch, whore, slore, cunt, ignorant girl/woman, a female who possesses groupie or jock holdin qualities on an advanced level. the anti-wife or another word for simply...an ugly girl. it holds the same dsirespect and value of belligerent foul language, but it's not foul.
"Shorty gave my dude head, then gave that dome to his homey."
"Yeah I know son, she's a wild breek."
"That chick gave her # to 5 dudes in the club. What a breek."
dodane przez yourstruly2010 styczeń 16, 2010
being a hoe/skeet
That chick right there is a BREEK.
dodane przez GEOW czerwiec 04, 2009
a code word that means any dirty whore/slut/slore/ho and is used so that the other person doesn't catch it. originated in sheepshead bay high school in brooklyn, to describe the hoes there
"sonn you heard that bitch cheated on her man??"

code version

"whats good breek?"
"what's that?"
"...it means sexy girl"
dodane przez FLATBUSH KUSHHH lipiec 27, 2009
Another word for trousers. A Scottish term, I think, though it's possible you could hear it elsewhere in Britain. It's basically another word for trousers etc.
Guy 1: Nice breeks.

Guy 2: Thanks, just got them the other day.

dodane przez Imadethisuponthespot lipiec 23, 2013
A British Greek.
Marina Sirtis is a Breek.
dodane przez pentozali listopad 06, 2011