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The male equivalent of a ho train. 3 or more bros chillin together, working the beer pong table, and playing Mario Kart.

There is generally a conductor who can be identified by such aggressive phrases as "Where's your beer bro?" and "Come on bro, one more round!" The opposite of this is the caboose, who tags along at the end of train, asking where the train is going and getting paper towels for the pong table.
"What are you doing tonight?"
"Oh you know, the bro train is rolling over and we're going to power hour or maybe play bet your liver"
dodane przez Broham Brosef marzec 01, 2008
Any Long Island Rail Road train that leaves Penn Station any time between 10:00PM and 4:30AM on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday night that is packed to the brim with guidos and other assorted bros and hos whom are all wasted and shouting at each other (and anyone else on the train who isn't a bro) for the entirety of the trip.

Named after the fact that said bros usually start and finish every sentence with "Bro!", such as in "Bro bro bro! Bro, that skank totally wanted to bang you bro!"

Most bro trains are delayed at Jamaica Station because of fights that break out on the train.

Avoid the bro train at all costs!
"Fuck, there's no way I'm getting out of the city without taking the bro train! Can I crash at your apartment for a few hours?"
dodane przez Phoojoeniam czerwiec 15, 2008
When a bunch of bros follow bros with the hook-ups to a party. Usually done in a college setting
Hey man, I don't have anything to do tonight. Can I bro train with you and your bros tonight?
dodane przez Orlandoman54 marzec 01, 2009
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