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A Co-op video game played with your bro(s).
Chris and Jeremy played some wicked Super Mario World bro-op.
dodane przez Shittyhorse kwiecień 13, 2011
33 2
a poop that you take shortly after eating at Brandeis Dining Hall at Creighton University. Usually characterized by evidence of incomplete digestion, soft but not runny texture, and various colors ranging from green to red-orange.
Dude, I had to take such a fat broop after dinner.

I almost didn't make it back to the dorm when I had to broop.
dodane przez dominoe9632 październik 10, 2007
47 18
A house or meeting place where bros gather to bro out.
Yo, check out my neighbor's house, I'm pretty sure there's a bro op going on in there, I see bros coming in and out frequently.
dodane przez ryalbro listopad 18, 2010
22 4
The act where two males participate in a bonding co-operative game; normally resulting in a strengthened bromance
"Dude I need you to Bro-Op Resi 6 with me I keep dying!"
dodane przez Brolociraptor październik 04, 2012
7 1
The act of drinking a beer, or brew, while taking a poop. You must finish the entire beer during the course of your poop to have a successful broop.
Hey I'm gonna take a broop to save some time.
dodane przez Broop master czerwiec 04, 2010
7 4
While taking a poop on the toilet you brush your teeth at the same time.
I'm in a hurry to the Christmas party in a few hours so I'm going to have to Broop.
dodane przez Punzorz grudzień 23, 2009
5 4
to, surprisingly, put a thumb up the butt of an unsuspecting victim.
Trey was so shocked when we brooped his ass in front of the teacher.
dodane przez alx12345 wrzesień 22, 2009
4 3