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Buffing is to have playful sex, Its fun, light hearted and cheeky.
I met Nigel last night we endded up buffing!!!
Buffing him was the best thing I have ever done..
dodane przez Mopsey13 lipiec 29, 2010
the act of sucking a males geneitals
damn shorty, you be buffing?
dodane przez hayzemarie listopad 14, 2007
The point where you realize that you live in New Zealand and your Porn is never going to load.
There's nothing more of a turn off than seeing the word buffing before you finish
dodane przez icewolf511 lipiec 25, 2012
a woman giving oral sex to a man
"He caught the buffings last night."

"He got the buffings from Susan."
dodane przez Dicky-Dick październik 16, 2007