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Attractive, glamorous or generally pleasing. Similar to ‘buff’ but with greater value and credibility.
This girl was buffting
dodane przez Gathe listopad 27, 2002
This is someone that is really pretty / handsome.
Dat girl is sum buff ting!
dodane przez Shane Marsh marzec 01, 2005
If a thing is buff, it is a buffting. 'ting' being London garage slang for 'thing'*
Err, that bird down twerton park was a right buffting.

*"it's a London ting"
dodane przez spencer luty 01, 2003
good looking, fine, sexy, handsome, fit, beautiful a word to describe a girl or guy who is good looking
damn....hes a buffting
wassup buffting?
dodane przez LADY MISCHIEF THE ONE AND ONLY SHORTY grudzień 30, 2003
A word which means the same as buff: Fit, Sexy, Hot.
its used instead of buff because it sounds better!
aint that girl just proper buffting blad
dodane przez markyt4 październik 18, 2006
Sexy, Fit
"Yo blud check her she's buff tings"
dodane przez Oz sierpień 07, 2003
A fit gal hu has a great body n is good looking
shiiit tht gal rach g is sum buff ting!
dodane przez benni boi lipiec 29, 2006