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A slang term for toilet roll.
"There's no bum fodder!"
"Well, you'll just have to improvise."
dodane przez Eldarion grudzień 06, 2004

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Toilet paper. Bumf. Arse wipe.
Hold it, mate, the crapper's out of bumfodder.
dodane przez Bumkicker Slade maj 10, 2005
BumFodder is an annoying person who has joined newgrounds and goes on the the forum and can be banned sometimes and has a few enimies and thinks Newgrounds is the best!
ME! I'm BumFodder, so nobody else can be him MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
dodane przez BumFodder kwiecień 02, 2006
The lint from your underpants that gets caught between your butt crack and cemented together by sweat and natural body grease concentrated around that area.
Someone would say: Every time I have a shower and watch my butt crack I get bum fodder on the washer.
dodane przez The Typical Aussie Bloke czerwiec 27, 2009