messed up, ugly, raggedy, torn
Man, his sneakers are too busted.

That girls hair is busted.

see thumped also. (same meaning)
dodane przez indi lipiec 29, 2003
A boyband who, after an extensive career spanning 2 years, split up in January 2005. Busted exploited the punk scene for commerial success and profit, wearing skater clothes and producing unoringinal pop songs which were based around a pop-punk sound, aiming their music at 12 year old girls who have no taste in music. One member of the 'band' (who incidently had no drummer) even admitted to copying billy-joe armstong from Greenday. Busteds defining moment was their cover of the undertones' classic teenage kicks, which was quite frankly an insult to the aforementioned band and an embararrasment to all who witnessed this tragic event. It has been rumoured that since the split, the band have become pringfolds although this is yet to be confirmed.
In their hit single 'Year 3000' Busted claimed that their next door neighbour had been to the year 3000 in a time machine and that everyone had bought their 7th album. Some people may doubt this claim, but but if its true then a logical conclusion would be that the band will one day reform, since they only released 2 albums. We can only hope they were lying.
dodane przez Dan luty 07, 2005
A band that have finally split up.
TV: ...Busted have split...
Me: w0000000000t! *has party*
dodane przez HIMinion luty 25, 2005
A bunch of goons who thought at the beginning of there crappy lives they would grow large eyebrows and be a classy rockband but because they sucked as a rock band they thought they would be a pop band. Not only does their music suck but they give no credit to there shitty drummer. (There'll probably be some busted bummers who disagree though).
busted: Hi I'm Chipmunk (Matt), I'm Eyebrows (charlie) and I'm nobhead(guy who's name I don't know) and we're Busted.

cop: thats right you are busted- for being twat's in public.
dodane przez Crappy drummer in Busted październik 17, 2004
ugly as hell female.
dam son look at that busted chick, she fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down
dodane przez WIZ luty 17, 2005
Two words - Utter shit.


Unfortunately, our ears are still plagued by Charlie who categorically refuses to stay off Top of the Pops for more that two weeks. So what he does is form a new band, called Fightstar. Be very, very afraid.
Whatever they say, I still think that the name "Busted" is a corruption of th word "bastard" which is entirely appropriate.

Charlie, ditch the eyebrow pencil. You look like a kappa-slapper. Actually, you probably are one.
dodane przez Drakavie marzec 02, 2005
A band who had possibly one catchy song called 'Year 3000' or something. Their biggest fans are girls who don't really have a clue about good music they're just caught out by their supposed good looks. It has been rumoured they don't even play their own guitars. Busted also spawned another band called McFly which I swear to god do exactly the same songs as Busted which isn't surprising since Busted write their songs and are their best mates. Anyway Busted could be appealing to some, but not people who like proper guitar music.

See crap
Also see McFly

The new Busted album is out on sale featuring even more strangely contorted faces on the cover! Buy Soon! Only 2.99 'cause it's shit!
dodane przez Craig grudzień 30, 2004
Rubbish boy band with guitars who seem to appear on the cover of every single issue of Top of the Pops magazine......even after they broke up. Long outstayed their welcome after their first single. Thought of by pre-teen girls as real rock music, but really just jump around on stage lip-syching and strumming random strings on guitars that aren't plugged in.

See also McFly
Ah, shit. Busted are playing. Bollocks!
dodane przez Big Boss marzec 09, 2005

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