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The sound made by the infamous blue falcon. The sound is often heard after the blue falcon has already appeared. Can be used as a verb. Origin: United States Army, used extensivley by Civial Affairs just ask any member of the 489th. Pronounced Ka-kaw, high pitched, stressed on the second syllable.
You have just been ca-ca'ed.
dodane przez John M McGowan styczeń 31, 2009
2 3
1 means shit
2 is a slang word to cover up for drugs if cops or authority is near.
example: hey man, hide your caca the popo are right there
dodane przez K-hen kwiecień 27, 2008
21 23
an insult for people who live in culver city
venice kid: those caca's lives off of centinela in culver city.
dodane przez janx lee wrzesień 13, 2009
2 5
basically it means SHIT
i went ca-ca in my brother's bathroom.
dodane przez Rachel Cassie Evans Smith maj 24, 2005
17 20
a french canadian word for fecal matter
Don't touch that! It smells like ca ca.
dodane przez catwoman styczeń 18, 2005
20 23
A word use to call a person out, who is usually always right or just a plain jerk.
Chris:what do you think about that new kid james?

Maryssa:Eh, he is a caca about everything. He acts like he knows it all!
dodane przez Maryssa and Chris maj 01, 2011
1 5
1. (noun)World-wide, this is the most recognized word meaning "Shit."

More recently, it has been used as a deragatory word referring to those informants who tell your girlfriend things you've done or said that you never wanted her to know. When she gets this information, the shit starts to fly.

As a verb, it is used as the aforementioned act of informing the girlfriend that causes the shit to fly. It is also used as a verb referring to the shit flying.
Ellen is such a caca. She told my girlfriend Mary all about the time I lied and said I was working late so I could go out with the guys to the titty bar. She really cacaed my life for weeks. Damn caca.
dodane przez LarryLM wrzesień 07, 2006
43 53