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Kill Yourself, Fuck Outta Here You Stupid
You Pussy Nigga
Cannon Nigga What Sup Boy You Tryin Ta Pop...
dodane przez Baii Jr maj 29, 2012
A joint (or blunt) that starts skinny at the mouthpiece, and gets fatter towards the end where you spark it.
Guy 1: "Yo u wanna go twist up a cannon?"
Guy 2: "WORD!"
dodane przez SMELLZlikeKUSH grudzień 28, 2010
v. to deny, shutdown, or reject
n. a statement made rejecting a particular person
Dude, I just got cannoned by that girl! She wouldn't give me her number.
dodane przez Gangster A lipiec 24, 2008
Another term for a pickpocket.
Keep tabs on that young cannon.
dodane przez Pcooper maj 05, 2008
when you want to trick somebody in to believing something you say your joke this shout out "cannon"
For example...." hey you dropped your pencil" they look down forgetting that they dont have a pencil and then you scream CANNON!
dodane przez MonjiBOo sierpień 13, 2008
The person doesn't mean it
Josh says,"i love you.", he don't mean it. So he says, "Cannon!"
dodane przez mizzsweethoney1 maj 02, 2008
N. a huge uncircumsized cock.
D.J. has a Cannon!
See D.j. matha freakin guiles
dodane przez Ghost faced killah styczeń 29, 2008