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What you say when somebody asks you "what's up" in a room. Usually said to piss someone off.
"Hey man, what's up"


"WTF? you suck shit man!"
dodane przez BLEHMAN223 maj 18, 2010
43 11
an entry point to a room for those...of special intelligence, or of great altitude and velocity.
dude...the Retard just "dropped" in...through the ceiling!
dodane przez ranger bill maj 20, 2008
51 21
What your wife is contemplating changing the color of while you have sex with her.
Becky considered 7 possible color changes to the ceiling during the 42 seconds that her husband spent "making love" to her.
dodane przez I'm French. Why do you think I have this crazy a październik 06, 2003
53 42
an upper limit to something
He proposed putting a 3 hour ceiling on gaming time.
dodane przez The Return of Light Joker kwiecień 06, 2009
15 10