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slang for "cocaine"
dude, this party is lame. Let's go back to my crib and hit some chedder.
dodane przez Deluxxe kwiecień 28, 2004
15 66
A large amount of money
I cashed my check so, I could have some chedder
dodane przez anonymous styczeń 04, 2003
289 153
Someone who isn't very attractive, and has bad B.O.

Another word for; ugly, butters, unattractive ect.
That your girl? Sort it out she's bare chedders!
dodane przez yahbabeeh.. kwiecień 25, 2011
1 6
Slang word used to describe a non-English speaking Mexican-American or Mexican citizen living in the United States. Chedders are commonly seen dressed up in country-western style oufits, characterized by large hats, large belt buckles, and cowboy boots. Comes from the spanish word "ranchero"
"Look at those chedders standing on the corner waiting for day labor! They look like they just fell off the turnip truck!"
dodane przez John Cougar lipiec 19, 2005
110 124
Slang - Often regional to Denver used to describe a type of Mexican National inhabiting the area - know as Rancheros.
"We went out to the club and all the chedders were doing the cumbia"
dodane przez No Money G czerwiec 29, 2004
48 69
Spanglish for an unassimilated, illegal, hispanic alien. Corruption of wetter which is a corruption of wetback.
I need to go by the Home Depot parking lot and pick up a couple of chedders to help me unload all this stuff.
dodane przez johnny walton listopad 21, 2006
41 66
Synthetic street drug, similar in properties to crystal meth.
Are you chedderfried man? That was f'n stupid!
I got some chedder here gir, your face is about to fly.
dodane przez AlexPete luty 21, 2008
11 58
"chedder cheesy" ryming slang for "easy" or jus "chedder" for short
"dat bird is bare chedder"
"who eva said life was chedder was wrong"
dodane przez Nick Biggs marzec 20, 2006
6 55