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another word for oral sex
this girl gave me the chewing
dodane przez dicemaster grudzień 11, 2003
When someone keeps going on about a particular subject, either because it was a joke directed at them or if they have nothing else to talk about.
"Remember that stupid girl that kept on texting me last week?"

God's Sake, stop chewing.
#chewing #banter #bantering #annoying #boring
dodane przez The Bantman listopad 12, 2014
chewed bits of something
"Why did you leave these Chewings on the Bus"
#bits #tiny #scraps #chewed #pieces
dodane przez Chewings maj 23, 2010
she was so chewing last night
#masturbating #diddling #milking the cow #touching yourself #pleasure
dodane przez Luchieeee listopad 23, 2008
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