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a state of ultimate chill and relaxation.

See chill, relax
I was at home chillaxin' like a fiend
dodane przez Chris da Homie styczeń 11, 2004
458 69
Chilling and relaxing.
He was just chillaxing at his place last night.
dodane przez Joseph czerwiec 06, 2003
279 111
A combination of Chilling out and Relaxing
Me and my friend are Chillaxing Later Tonite.
dodane przez Joe wrzesień 09, 2003
105 49
simply a word to describe an ultimate feeling of relaxation and chilled outness
i would love to make an effort but im chillaxing
dodane przez sandy bobby maj 05, 2007
71 27
The act of chilling out while in a relaxed mood. ;)
hey you wanna come over to my place and do some chillaxing in the basement.
dodane przez Urby marzec 29, 2008
35 20
relaxing and achieving calm simultaneously. Source: context from use by Karith Foster post on Facebook. May not be primary origin.
I am finally chillaxing, after a massive week of double shifts at work, sipping a perfect mimosa on the patio watching the hummingird birds from my chaise longue
dodane przez Cream Abdul jaBeer marzec 10, 2009
20 7
chilling&relaxing. best of both worlds =]
Me and CJ were chillaxing at school.
dodane przez ZoE S. maj 24, 2005
48 43