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porn that rather than being shown as a picture or video is in text form and is described the the user
last night i was masturbating to some hot cliterature
dodane przez coxymoxy kwiecień 13, 2011
Pornography, plain and simple
"Jeez, you sure spend a lot of time reading Hustler".

"What can I say? I'm a big fan of cliterature".
dodane przez Dikles listopad 16, 2011
adult novels,adult literature
That horny nerd was reading cliterature.
dodane przez adollar wrzesień 14, 2008
Genre of fiction dealing primarily with the romantic and social lives of high-powered career women, usually set in New York City. Originated with Candace Bushnell's novel, "Sex and the City," which was soon followed by the Shopaholic series as well as numerous other imitations. The genre is more commonly and politely referred to as chick lit.
"Ever since she got 'Shopaholic' for her birthday, my mom's been obsessed with cliterature. It's so creepy."
dodane przez Meagan L. marzec 24, 2006