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best band alive.. makes u feel really indie and alternative listening to it
what's that song?

it's by cocorosie.. you wouldn't understand.
dodane przez carcarpeaches październik 15, 2010
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A great female music duo, who do a lot of weird improv with kids toys and a harp....best thing to happen to music currently....do RnB covers like akon "i wanna fuck you" even though there alternative indie...they rock....meaningful magic...
ignorant guy- whos that hott chick banging on a toy xylophone, is she retarded

enlightend rock chick- asshole thats Coco Rosie...

ignorant guy- :confused: they suck ?

enlightened rock chick- no dufus there amazing....oh fuck it...go jerk off..

ignorant guy- :perks up: O.K
dodane przez That_Chick sierpień 27, 2008
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