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To add condimients in the perfect ammount to ones food for them
"My fiance is epic, she not only made me a plate, but she condomized everything perfectly!"
dodane przez Maxinemurder luty 04, 2013
4020 4100
Verb: to apply a condom. A neo-sexy Safe Sex word.
"They love it when you condomize them with your mouth."

"Hold on, let me condomize ya."
dodane przez Tragic Rabbit czerwiec 18, 2006
105 57
To condomize a relationship means to jeopardise a relationship (mostly romantic) by having intercourse.
Hey! I am into you, but I don't want to condomize our relationship or whatever of it is left.
dodane przez thinkingbuddha grudzień 11, 2013
2 0
The act of putting on a condom
Bob - "I totally hooked up with that hot blonde over there last night!"

fred - " ha! Don't you know she has the clap? Hope you remembered to condomize.
dodane przez enrico suave luty 06, 2013
18 23
To be thrifty with condom use; to use it multiple times.
"I only have one condom left and no money for the next week. It's time to tighten my belt and condomize."
dodane przez Ricks Real luty 09, 2013
3 13
To protect one's computer with anti-virus protection
Friend: What ya doing later man?

Me: I got a new computer and I need to condomize it.
dodane przez Insidivs luty 21, 2010
23 73