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hot lesbian sex yummy mmm mmm good
Mary and I were having cookies last night when we were talking on the phone with Casey and John.
dodane przez Double D Unit kwiecień 02, 2007
The part that is around a womens nipple, usually a passionate strawberry color.
"Did you see the "cooks" on that one?"
dodane przez Mason Beveridge luty 23, 2004
the practice of smooching with your significant other.
he gave me alot of cookies and i loved it.
dodane przez yummyummandbuttbutt styczeń 21, 2009
A word used to describe someone who is a sex god.
Mark is really gross, but Evan is Cookies.
dodane przez Hannahhh<3 luty 05, 2007
n.)The slab of skin below the chin

v.) when one cups their hand under a person's chin and recites, "cookies"
He crept up and touched his cookie.
dodane przez Con Candles styczeń 30, 2005
what grandma has soft ones of.
I'm eating grandma's soft cookies and they're gorgeous!
dodane przez Aron D marzec 23, 2007
Another word for weed.
Give me some dat good cookie.
Damn! That boy smell like cookies.
dodane przez La LA La luty 05, 2004