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Jamican slang term to prop something up or to rest or stay somewhere. The actual urban slang term comes from Jamaican patios and not French although that may be its original origin.
"Come we cotch here"
dodane przez Pietro luty 09, 2005
640 144
to hang/chill on your own or with other people
'wanna come and cotch at my house tonight blad?'
dodane przez BuffEnid luty 03, 2005
502 106
1. Noun: A place where one can recline

2. Adjective: Describing something as a cotch means it seems comfortable and capable of being cotched in.

3. Verb: To cotch. To recline, to relax or chill out in comfort.
1. There's a decent cotch round the corner, I discovered it myself.

2. Your double bed is quite a cotch.

3. I'm knackered man, let's cotch over there.
dodane przez Aidan Brooks czerwiec 01, 2005
281 87
to relax
'do you wanna play some ball?'
'nah man i just wanna cotch'
dodane przez Mini Monty czerwiec 06, 2003
138 49
sit down or relax
"not cumin out man im cotchin"
dodane przez Paddy wrzesień 28, 2003
109 38
to relax, sit or sleep. from the french "se coucher".
I was cotching at home last night
dodane przez Richard Osmond październik 18, 2003
150 82
also a good place to sit.
"this is a damn good cotch.. someone bil up"
dodane przez ga grudzień 17, 2003
59 42