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Count chocula is possibly the most wonderful thing that has ever been invented, packaged, and sold to the general public. Crunchy, delightful, delicious, it is the only thing that keeps me alive.
i love count chocula
dodane przez Tinkerbelll kwiecień 28, 2004
167 41
a more badass vampire than edward cullen.
screw edward cullen! count chocula team FTW!
dodane przez sdbfdgsf styczeń 05, 2010
47 13
Another nickname for Ray Nagan, mayor of New Orleans.
Ray Nagan is also known as Count Chocula.
dodane przez Midda Toups styczeń 19, 2006
55 27
Best cereal
You are such a Count Chocula
dodane przez Travis4 maj 12, 2008
24 9
When a girl takes it in the ass, and then gives a blow job right after, without cleaning the dick off.
I Count Chocula-ed your Mom last night!
dodane przez Roger_RD_Scott styczeń 14, 2010
17 8
A cereal in which combines two General Mills cereal into one.
A) Being the Chocolety goodness of Coccoa Pebbles
B) Being the Marshmallows of Lucky Charms
After consuming this cereal the consumer may feel a sudden energetic burst inside of them from the intense suger action found within the cereal.
After eathing CountChocula, I fuckin went ballistic on my Brother
dodane przez CountChocula kwiecień 01, 2005
4 1
When a man goes down on a woman and she is on the part of her period that there is a dark brown discharge (usually the beginning or end of the period)
I went down on you and now I'm count chocula, a-ha
dodane przez the count97555 lipiec 08, 2011
1 3