To have a bowel movement.
Dude, I wouldn't go in there; I just crushed it pretty badly.
dodane przez Chris Payne kwiecień 02, 2005
Top Definition
To accomplish or take in, ingest.
That sub sandwich is unstoppable, crush it. Jamie crushes papers like they're mcdonald's double cheese burgers at 2 am.
#worked #pound it #do it tony #wound it #demolish #detroy #bend over
dodane przez stew herrity lipiec 29, 2007
crazy rough vaginal sex
damn that chick is hot, i wanna crush it!
#sex #vaginal #crazy #rough #hot sex
dodane przez jim mcneil wrzesień 28, 2005
To create a really good musical experience, usually heard on highly bloggable, highly relevant blog HIPSTER RUNOFF when referring to a live show.
Best Coast crushed it last night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

MIA, didn't crush it tho on the recent talk show she went on
#hipster runoff #crush it #best coast #mia #sucks
dodane przez Spaghetti oOoOO's listopad 04, 2010
"Crushitting: Verb (Similar to "Bullshitting", See section B) e.g - To conjure unfathomably weak stories with the intention to scam eargerly waiting Cru the Dwarf fans out of more of their money. Most comonly used in cases such as "Mom's in hospital" and "Molar broke, LOL gief gold plox"
Crushit: Most comonly used in cases such as "Mom's in hospital" and "Molar broke, LOL gief gold plox"
#cru #dwarf #warcraft #mmo #bullshit #lie
dodane przez TruthAboutCru maj 08, 2010
n. someone who mocks or makes fun of a person or group of people that is stoned or high.
oh my god, what are you talking about?'re a fucking crushit.
dodane przez t-dub kwiecień 18, 2005
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