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"The College on the Hill", "Dear Old Dartmouth". Small Ivy league liberal arts college in New Hampshire with a study hard, party harder atmosphere.

Students usually end up rich, crazy or both.

Characterized by attempts at liberalism, punctuated by the realization junior year that you want to be a Wall Street trader, not a Revolutionary.
Dartmouth College is much better school than University of Phoenix-online.
dodane przez Lou Stenspayce grudzień 13, 2003
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A four-year liberal arts institution in the Ivy League, Dartmouth is known for being the GREATEST F___ING SCHOOL ON EARTH. Despite being the smallest Ivy league school, it owns every other school in the league. And the food's pretty good too.
Dartmouth is awesome.
dodane przez Rev. Wheelock październik 31, 2006
A town in Canada's Eastern province of Nova Scotia with a population of around 75,000. Mostly known as the birthplace of hockey in the mid 1800s, first gained recognition world wide as the source of Starr Manufacturing, who made the world's first Mass produced Ice skates. Now mainly a residential and Industrial community, and has been amalgamated as part of greater Halifax. Has a sizeable noth-end hoodlum/gangster district. Also known as the "Darkside" by Haligonians, coined from the lack of nightime activity.
I live in Dartmouth, and it sucks here.
dodane przez mike1979 maj 20, 2005
A small town in massachusetts that basically revolves around the high school also known as Dartmouth High and sports acievements. In dartmouth if you don't do any extra curriculars your probably a stoner. It is a place where people are upper middle class to very rich ex if you live in the village you have a shit ton of money It is a place all about shcool spirit and theres way too much green and trees there. Its a pretty beautiful place but its shitty because there nothing to do and if you do anything different then anybody else people look at you funny. Everyone goes to the same churches, the stupid mall, or sports games. Anyone that knowns what good for them will get out of Dartmouth after high school. Unless you want to end up runnning for something or being a teacher.
I'm so sick of the people in Dartmouth
dodane przez Notforc maj 01, 2011
Dartmouth (also reffered to as D-Town) A large town (landwise) but a small town (population wise) in southeastern massachussettes, which by looking at the other deffinitions for it on here seems to get shitted on alot. It is actually a great town, everyone has plenty of freinds, no matter what part you live in theres always something to do with your freinds. its great for longboarding biking skateboarding hiking swimming, any outdoor activity, it is a great location for things to do in other towns/cities. So as long as you have freinds in dartmouth its a great place. unfortunately, the schools suck, there are kids that sweat sports and are stuck up douchebags that dont notice that everyone hates them (football fags) and the cops are assholes. but besides that its a great town and i love it here :)
Kid 1- aye wanna bike down to cumbys and get chillzones then play basketball at burgos?

kid 2- yeah sure, ill longboard, hopefully we dont run into football fags

kid 1- yeah goodpoint but who cares, its dartmouth lets have a good time in D-town :)
dodane przez KIDCUDI222222222 czerwiec 17, 2011
A small town in Devon. Home to The Royal Naval College (fucking bunch of cunts). Where Down to Earth (tele soap) was semi-filmed.
Tourist invaded area.
dodane przez forgottenxdreams sierpień 18, 2004
A town that always kicks the shit out of Bishop Stang in football, baseball, and well, every sport that fucking school offers to their over charged students for a low grade education.
Wow, Dartmouth really kicked the shit out of Stang tonight.

Those asshole Stang Bangers always get shit on by Dartmouth
dodane przez Break Neck kwiecień 05, 2005
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