The King of Comedy. He likes chicken, too!
Dave Chappelle - F*ck Aston Kutcher!


Dave Chappelle's dick has more talent than Dane Cook.
dodane przez metallkidd93 luty 23, 2008
The funniest man on Comedy Central. He's the greatest thing to hapen to them.
Dave Chappelle:He's The best. Why? Cause he does his shit straight street son, banging bitches with no rubbers and stabbing niggas with butter knives.
dodane przez some random guy69 lipiec 15, 2006
funy ass comedian on comedy central who does lil jon WHAT!?!?!?!? and rick james
and his own druggy tyrone.also charlie murphys E-true hollywood stories he does on his show about prince and charlie murphy. he also acts as samuel jackson with his own beer. Hes got his own tv show with 2 seasons goin on 3.
dodane przez chappelle fan maj 30, 2005
A very funny black comedian, host of the hit sketch comedy show, "Chapelle's Show".
Gradually got pissed off with Hollywood and went home to South Africa. After this excursion, he went to a small town where he still resides today.
Quit Comedy Central because he saw a white crew member laughing oddly at one of his skits while filming. Kinda contradictory because racism was his main subject matter, but meh.
Dave Chappelle : "Sir, I am in no way shape or form affiliated with neaggardom!"
Funny when black people laugh.
Racist when white people laugh.
dodane przez suburban white kid lipiec 10, 2008
Perfect example of a man who had an unequaled talent for something he had no respect for.

He skyrocketed to worldwide super-stardom within weeks of "Chappelle's Show" first airing. Let it be known that before this show he was known as "that black guy in Half-Baked", and a not-so-well-known stand up comedian.

Being raised by his college professor parents, and having a good intellect himself to boot, he knew full well what he was doing with "Chappelle's Show", as far as reinforcing racial stereotypes for the sake of (extremely hilarious) comedy, and decided to have a crisis of conscience and run away from a $50 million dollar contract (from a CABLE network no less).

He has now settled back in Ohio, where he lives as another individual who was given an extraordinary gift and ran from it, and will probably never be seen on TV again until 2020, when VH1 runs a "Where Are They Now?" Special, and will probably have some D-rate, never-has-been comedian commenting about it.
Dave Chappelle is famous for declaring himself Rick James, often times emphasizing that the person he was declaring it to was, in fact, a bitch.
dodane przez Dbusterplus sierpień 02, 2009
a very funny muslim comedian that hosts his own show called Chappelle's Show on comedy central
Dave Chappelle is the true king of comedy
dodane przez mayson maj 07, 2007
One of the greatest comedians of our time. Dave Chappelle once hosted a show back in 2004 on Comdy Central called, Chappelle's Show. The show featured many skits, lots having to do with black and / or white people, and sometimes celebrities. However, after the 2nd season, the show sadly ended, the world then declined into depression. People thought their lives were ruined, because they would no longer hear the angel-like voice of Dave Chappelle any longer. Then something called, YouTube came along and everyone began posting Dave Chappelle clips, and the world was saved.
Dave Chappelle is my favorite comedian, and his voice is incredible.
dodane przez KoolDude8690 październik 21, 2012
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