To portray the meaning of something.
I define the length of that cock as 2 feet.
dodane przez Matteo wrzesień 12, 2003
Top Definition
Verb. 1. To explain the meaning of a word or concept.
2. To impart greater clarity or resolution to.
1."Define" is a difficult word to define.
2. All those sit-ups have really defined my abs.
dodane przez Antinous wrzesień 11, 2003
When you ask somebody an embarassing question and they respond with "Define" as to change the subject. The person then defines what he means, and a debate over the use ensues.
"Hey man, did you ever hook up with that girl?"
"Define 'hook up'.
"When you make out with someone"
"It means a lot of other things too"
"Oh like what?"

dodane przez ME, myself, and I (NOT IRENE) sierpień 05, 2010
to give meaning or explanation to something
he defined his terms
dodane przez justin van horn wrzesień 13, 2003
Who the hell tries to define the word define? We're all lucky you didn't just cause the internet to implode!
To examine every inch of a woman's body, and define her to your friends about it in great detail.
dodane przez TheCosmoscopicAtIasofAirizona lipiec 17, 2012
To explain the maening of
"I see, so you're defining define"
dodane przez jiexi grudzień 08, 2003
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