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1. To speak, write, type, or telepathically communicate the meaning of a word or phrase.

2. For a lot of people on this site, to give one's opinion on a word or phrase in any of the above manners.
"Define: Archipelago"
"PENGUIN AAAAAH *shoots self*"
"I'm sorry, that is incorrect, you may sit down"
dodane przez Fugerko.? grudzień 25, 2003
the attempt of explaining any given word
Define this word for me.
dodane przez maybenot wrzesień 04, 2003
To explain what a word means, like what I am doing to the word 'define' right now.
Please define the word 'antimiscomboluationismontoast'.
dodane przez Bastardized Bottomburp wrzesień 25, 2003
verb. to give a meaning to. a word that probably does not have a slang meaning.
Most people do not know how to define words in this site.
dodane przez JAmes wrzesień 18, 2003
What you pay when you defish with debate in an environmentally protected lake.
What a horrible pun, using defish as if to say "the fish" The collection of groans can be heard across the planet.
dodane przez aybab2 wrzesień 13, 2003
To portray the meaning of something.
I define the length of that cock as 2 feet.
dodane przez Matteo wrzesień 12, 2003
To give a definition for a word, phrase, acronym, or abbrevation.
"I am defined as: "Above all others"
dodane przez Ravek marzec 20, 2004