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adj. being fully aware that what you are doing, wearing, saying, etc. is something that is not considered "cool" by society, but you don't care and own it anyway. 
It's totally denim to make up your own word and meaning and post it on Urban Dictionary.
dodane przez mitchmain kwiecień 10, 2007
The working man's leather.
Denim is my high class garment material.
dodane przez Double-O-Denim marzec 25, 2004
A sweet, kind, caring and considerate girl. Usually has an awesome boyfriend and is a great kisser. Enjoys hanging out with friends and texting. People dont usually like her because of her weird name.
Boy: Did you see Denim today?
Girl: No... Why?
Boy: She was making out with her boyfriend
Girl: Oh I hear she's a great kisser!
dodane przez xX:DXx marzec 30, 2011