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a word that mixes sick and ridiculous. A reaction to something that is so unbelievable it is considered not normal and therefore on a lesser tone then disgusting
That move was so freakin awesome. That shit was disturbing.
dodane przez Jessimieke listopad 23, 2005
91 21
If a person is disturbing, they may have strange ideas about what is awesome/nice/sexy etc. They are probably creepy, but disturbing people tend to be those who make you laugh the most.
Bethany: Ooh, Euan is wearing turquoise tights? I think I just had an orgasm!
Eilidh: You're disturbing.
dodane przez CatMac :) styczeń 21, 2012
12 9
being interrupted when you're trying to masturbate.
You know when you're trying to 'sturb, and your cat is staring at you? It's disturbing.
dodane przez elliusoopius grudzień 13, 2010
8 19