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To have sexual intercourse.

Anyone over the age of 11 who refers to sex as "doing it" should be throttled.
"So did you do it?"

"You mean have sex? Yes"
dodane przez Jake luty 09, 2005
457 155
something that ben stiller says that is very funny in starsky and hutch
do it! do it! pop the trunk! do it!
dodane przez MACLELLAN ROCKED THE MIC marzec 14, 2004
248 101
have sex (literally)
We're gonna do it!
dodane przez Jerri Matherson marzec 14, 2004
195 89
1) Originated from the 2004 comedy Starsky and Hutch.
2) It is simply a phrase commanding someone to do something. (Must be said in a deep voice)
Suck on it! DO IT!
dodane przez Aren and Allen kwiecień 12, 2004
43 8
1. A verb in command form with a direct object. "It" can define almost anything.
2. A term used to promote the use of an activity, often coupled with peer pressure.
3. Colloquial for sexual intercourse. Often used before one has the maturity to pronounce the word 'sex'.
1. Do it! Clean the dishes!
2. "I'm not smoking this joint..."
"DO IT! Smoke the joint! Once isn't gonna hurt!"
3. Ah, c'mon, me and Jessica do it all the time without condoms.
dodane przez Anonymous Etc. luty 03, 2006
83 50
to have sex; phrase should not be used by anyone past the age of 20.
"So if i talk to you for a while, then can we do it?"
dodane przez Necie czerwiec 27, 2004
64 38
A reference to someone who is a complete idiot, jackass, or just plain dumb. Use when someone does or says something stupid.
Bobby- Dude Jimmy, what is road head?
Jimmy- Wow dude, what a fucking doit!
Shiquantamisha- Ya, that kid is dumb as shit.
dodane przez Sooper Nigger październik 02, 2005
32 19