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A pizza delivery franchise run by people who are easily duped into thinking that they delivered the wrong thing, therefore making your dinner free of charge. This can be done over and over again, even when complaining about things you were given for free.
If speaking a staff member who's first language is not English, garlic breads and potato wedges can also be obtained by claiming to have vouchers. The drivers never ask for these.
During quiet periods one can also obtain a free ride home by ordering one of said free pizzas and telling the driver you will tip him if he does you a favour.

Dominos is run by idiots.
dodane przez mike_sampson październik 17, 2005
the pizza company you think of first when you want a fast delivery, or to pass a bad check.
I'm hungry, but I don't have any cash, so I called Domino's.
dodane przez UNDERCOVER HARDWAREMAN lipiec 21, 2004
To completely finalize an event as in win, or triumphantly discontinue; whilst adding a slap to the face of the loser.
If somebody throws a glass at you which severs parts of your hand, in turn, needin complex surgury. If perchance, 3 years later, their car turns out upside down, that's friggin DOMINO!
dodane przez PIMPSHIZA grudzień 29, 2005
Pizza chain started by Tom Monaghan, a native of Michigan.
Barry was arrested for DWI while delivering a Domino's Pizza.
dodane przez Typogra maj 03, 2004
adjective- fantastic, great, tops, outstanding, brilliant. Describes an activity or item as la creme de la creme.
My Paps tells me that your efforts and works with the foundation is domino! Proper respect aka props and off with my hat to you, cheers.
dodane przez Smashlea grudzień 13, 2010
Badass X-Woman, usually working as a mercenary or outlaw "superhero," often alongside Cable. She has a milky-white complexion and a black, filled-in circle, tattooed around her eye; this was done while she was an infant. She has a "luck" power, and enhanced agility and strength. She can handle a gun, damned well.
"You know there’s a fine line between interrogation and torture. Don’t make me cross it."
dodane przez David luty 10, 2004
Crap you pay for.
- Why did you order from Domino's?
- I'm lazy?
dodane przez tellesthetruth sierpień 01, 2009