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One who has a unusually large penis, usually a younger gentleman.
Did you hear that Abe Lincoln was quite the donkey boy?
Holy crap! Look at the size of that donkey boy's package!
dodane przez ihavealargepenisandyouhaveasma sierpień 01, 2010
27 9
An ignorant, arrogant asshole, who thinks he is G~d.
You know that donkeyboy, Ryan Hodge?
dodane przez Molly Rickman lipiec 11, 2004
13 10
A boy called kenny evans wif a large dick
dodane przez anonymous czerwiec 04, 2003
7 18
someone appearing in a donkey like manner, much like the donkey off Shrek. Very ugly person who is a dumbass and isnt as great as he thinks he is.
Guillermo "Emil" Verde is a Donkey Boy.
Man Brigette Miller sure looks like a Donkey Boy too!
dodane przez fukumotherfuker kwiecień 28, 2008
14 32