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A person who is so lame and powerless that they need to control the jabronis beneath them, and make them do stupid shit, such as watching Margaret Cho stand-up.

Elijah, pick up that arbitrary piece of hay!
-No, you fucking donkey lord, you only asked me because you're sad, fat, and Amish .

The principle's administrative assistant is such a donkey lord. She gave me detention because my tramp stamp was showing.
dodane przez TrickFace Killah styczeń 02, 2009

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To be a extremely lazy and fat person. Usually ugly, has back, side, and front acne and also likes to play videos games 24/7.
Mike McCarthy is such a donkeylord... all he does in play video games and cut his carrot all day long.
dodane przez Joe Lue marzec 07, 2010