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Introduced by the character Tobias Funke (David Cross) on the short-lived but acclaimed, award winning FOX sitcom Arrested Development. "Douche chill" is an exclamation calling attention to the embarrassment of someone who has brought ill consequences on themselves.

Typically annunciated an octave or two higher than one's normal speaking voice and drawing out the "L" sound in "chill."
1. Mike and Tom are playing one-on-one basketball. Mike tries to show off and go up for a dunk. He misses it and face plants on the concrete. The sooner the better, Mike exclaims, "Douche chilllllll!"
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dodane przez AyeJaye wrzesień 19, 2007
The feeling of nausea one is overcome by, when witnessing a completely embarrasing situation.
Watching Facts of Life gave me major douche chills.
dodane przez Smegma kwiecień 01, 2004
An overwhelming feeling of uncomfortable embarrassment brought on by watching someone make a fool of himself.
I got douche chills watching someone completely bomb making unfunny/inappropriate jokes in front of crowd.
#embarrassment #empathy #uncomfortable situation #obvlivious moron #seeing someone being made a fool
dodane przez A. Mayer sierpień 31, 2006
1. A feeling of strong embarrasement for and verbal or physical act someone else has preformed.

1-a . Feeling the need to look away from an embarrasing moment on TV.

1-b. The experience you receive when your coworker allways says the wrong thing in an attempt to be funny.

2- Also reffered to as a D.C., so as not to offend the person making the akward comment or statement.

A: Watching Taylor Hicks attempt to kick over a microphone stand on american idol, I shivered as a douche chill washed over me.

B: The feeling received from viewing any of the MTV reality shows.
#douche chill #embarrased #funny #d.c. #douche #horror
dodane przez chrispyr wrzesień 19, 2006
The intense feeling, very similar to a shiver up your spine, that can be invoked simply from being in the presence of a douche bag. Usually triggered by a specific douchey act or statement.
e.g. I got douche chills when the kid with the pink polo shirt flipped his collar up.
#douchebag #douche #douchiness #douche chill #doosh
dodane przez cosmonautlaunchpad lipiec 02, 2007
The feeling you get when something is so incredibly embarassing and/or retarded, you have to avoid making contact or avert your attention with it or else taking the risk of feeling like a total loser-douche.
From some shitty teen movie, popularized by the latenight Washington Area radio show "The Hideout Featuring El Jefe and J Dubs"
dodane przez Offbeat grudzień 01, 2004
Originally from the Howard Stern Show in the 1980s, when Robin described friends of hers experiencing a shiver while cleansing their vaginal palette. Howard generalized this to mean a kind of overload of the senses. This first episode was re-aired on the "History of Howard Stern" broadcast during the last week of 2008.
Hearing someone else get credit for that term just gives me douche chills
#howard #stern #pioneer #ba ba booey #robin quivers #howard stern
dodane przez Fa Fa Flo Li styczeń 08, 2009
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