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Meaning fine, OK, or allright.
Everything is ducky.
dodane przez Justin styczeń 06, 2004
263 80
Object that makes your bath time so much fun.

Person who does the above.
Rubber Ducky, Your the One,
You Make My Bath Time So Much Fun

Wanna Be My Ducky?
dodane przez Bunny69 październik 09, 2005
165 63
A cute pet name, similiar to "dear" or "hun"
Whatever you say, ducky.
dodane przez Minshue październik 09, 2007
99 62
dolla bills, benjamins, washingtons, money
yo hoe you got any duckies for dinner tonight?
dodane przez mofo & little boo październik 19, 2007
50 18
A cute character from the children's film The Land Before Time. She is small, green, swims, and has a big mouth.
"My name is Ducky. Yep, that is what ist is, yep yep yep!"
dodane przez Silverina maj 28, 2005
100 68
a pimp ass person....a person that looks good
what up ducky
dodane przez pato12 sierpień 11, 2008
61 52
duckies are the cutest things in the whole wide world. Varieties are the rubber ducky, live ducky, quacky ducky, yellow ducky and so many more
Girl: I want to go out
Boy:no thanks, I am busy playing with my ducky
dodane przez professional nargle stunner sierpień 15, 2011
16 9