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(To take) a shit. A shit.
Hold on I have to take a duty.
dodane przez Nick sierpień 24, 2003
Used in military terminology to describe the mandatory task of providing security or lookout for anything from an ammunition arsenal to an empty barracks. Can last for a few hrs or 24 hrs. Usually given at the worst possible times and weekends to remind you of why you ever joined the military.
Marine: Woot woot!!! It's Christmas, time to go home!!!

1stSgt: Oh fuck no! You have duty Christmas day, don't bother going home.

#duty #military #jargon #marines #jarhead
dodane przez jmusmc85 czerwiec 06, 2010
the funniest word known to mankind
seriously just say it a few times and its hilarious
me and rob were cracking up all day about duties

Rob: Lucas have you performed your duties??
#duty #funny #word #work #job
dodane przez JahLove październik 28, 2008
A word commonly laughed at by people no matter how mature you are.

It is normally laughed at as people use the word duty as slang for feces.
Person 1: IT IS YOUR DUTY!

Person 2: Hahaha......... duty.
#duty #shit #feces #poop #lol #you said duty
dodane przez domki366 styczeń 06, 2013
Trash. Ugly. Anything nasty.
My hair looks like duty today,
#nasty #shit #gross #ugly #faat
dodane przez JWMW.xo kwiecień 24, 2009
The Honor in which a person takes upon him or herself to serve his God or country.
He was not hesitant do his duty in church today.
In the Navy I was proud to do my duty.
#honor #serving #loyalty #godly #dilligent
dodane przez DrewPdrawers lipiec 24, 2011
Diarrhea of the comical kind (which is all diarrhea).
Ahahah. Duty. Ahahah. Diarrhea.
dodane przez Didda Tinkle maj 24, 2004
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