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To get high off of ones ego. When one feels totally supreme, confident, and arrogant, to the extent that its euphoric. Mostly obtained by stroking the ego.
Joe asked Gabby to make love to the music he wrote, produced, and played, when they did it was a major ego trip
dodane przez Ima Cunt For You sierpień 07, 2011
33 14
something done primarily to build one's self esteem or display one's splendid qualities
Ignore him, he's just going on an ego trip.
dodane przez Light Joker sierpień 05, 2005
245 73
act in a way that attracts attention
This teacher always egotrips and the students don't like him
dodane przez swompy marzec 09, 2005
8 14
See masturbation. See also porno.
"Damn man, that Jenna Jameson sure is an ego trip. It wouldn't be that way if I did her in real life though..."
dodane przez Mike Zaidi grudzień 26, 2004
16 150