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Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from the hit anime series, Cowboy Bebop, currently shown in the USA on Adult Swim. Scientists illegally did tests and experiments on Ein, making him incredibly intelligent. He debuted in episode two: "Stray Dog Strut."
Ein is an incredibly kawaii data dog! ^_^
dodane przez Shacow Blaziken marzec 01, 2005
38 15
1. The coolest damn dog ever!!!
2. Ed/Spike's Dog from Cowboy Bebop
Ein is damned awesome!!
dodane przez BebopEnthusiast maj 27, 2003
26 13
a small penis under the size of one inch - invented by the genious of tom agg
will aggs penis size
dodane przez sam 'eins' lonsdale marzec 28, 2003
20 11
so wtf... he is the best damn dog in the world also look up other cool stuff like sars
"Ein is the shit"
dodane przez Jipper styczeń 14, 2004
11 11