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the antithesis of escapism. the act of moving with the intent to pursue rather than escape. the non-cynical act of change.
i'm indulging in embracism and moving to san fran to pursue a love interest.
#escapism #embrace #love #moving #relocation
dodane przez feroze marzec 04, 2006
Embracism is the acceptance and embrace of pre-existing (positive) racial stereotypes
Embracism is: 'Asian people are good at math', 'Spanish are good at getting laid', 'Italians make great coffee'
#embracism #racism #stereotypes #acceptance #rasism
dodane przez benonben marzec 25, 2009
Those that appreciate the opportunity to learn from other humans' differences. Those that embrace everyone's culture, even if they may not be of the same culture.
That African American man is embracist towards that Asian woman because he embraces her culture.

Sociology classes should teach embracism.
#racism #opposite #sociolgy #embrace #equality
dodane przez Yusuffer kwiecień 28, 2014
the opposite of racism
Dude, don't be a hater. Practice embracism.
#embrace #racist #racism #embracist #politcally correct
dodane przez ScrabbleDiva luty 02, 2008
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