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A kid who's in touch with his emotions, regardless it is rage or love, that's why a lot of people mistake it with being gay, but altough there ARE some gay emo kids, they are a minority. Let me get something straight, "staight edges" are not hateful poser pricks as some people have posted, I dunn consider as one myself, but I DO think ppl who do drugs often do some horrible shit, such as raping and murdering, and I think we should give some credit to those who encourage other people to lead a healthier life.
Emo people, however, don't give a shit what society thinks, they speak their minds but usually not in harsh or rude ways, that of course unless they are really fucking pissed at the person they're talking to.
A person who likes metal does not have to stop bathing or wear the messy and long hair, so why should an emo kid be gay or wear tight pants?
dodane przez Alumno x de la petroleos lipiec 30, 2006
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emo kid

an emo kid is someone who is always stereotyped. someone who just is who they are and are ostracized for it. someone that i would want to be friends with. and emo boys are usually extremely hot. emo couples can be really close, and it's not all about sex. i'd want that kind of relationship! sometimes emo kids live straight edge, which means they don't do gangsta stuff like drinking, drugs and sex. sometimes emo kids can be depressed, but for the most part it's a stupid stereotype. everyone is different! and not all emo boys are gay, most of them are straight.
idiot 1: omg that emo kid is so depressed and stupid
idiot 2: yeah, haha he's with a guy, bet they're gay
idiot 1: lol let's kill him
me: bangs idiot 1+idiot 2 heads together several times
dodane przez rixa maj 26, 2006
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Clothes--Scarfs, mocassins, girl pants, band t's, sweet hair...and anything else they feel like wearing
Personality--Depressed...but not around their friends, usually sad, writes poems that make a lot of sense, listen to good music..can you tell im an emo kid
and not all emo kids cut
Emo kid- have you ever heard of the band (unpopular band that like 3 people have heard of )
Norm. kid- No it sounds dumb
Emo kid- no you should listen to them theyre sweeter then your gay rap stuff
Norm. kid- w/e
dodane przez ((--mewithoutyou--)) kwiecień 05, 2006
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one who listens to emo music and rejects pop culture. emo music is generally centered around depressing topics (ie. heartbreak, etc.) but is well understood by its listeners.
My buddy b-mar is most definitely an emo kid, although she calls me one too.
dodane przez shafter kwiecień 06, 2004
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An individual who dislikes being like everybody else, likes to listen to music either sad or happy. Not all of them like Hawthorne Heights, and not all of them cut themselves, most are very happy. Most emo kids are people who might get worked up over things that arent a big deal, and don't always wear black. This is a very high rumor people are hearing and emo kids do NOT think of suicide. They are against pop culture, and popularity. Most emo kids are not popular, emo kids have good friends and talk all the time with them. They are goths that are too good to be goth, they like to write poetry or even knit there own scarves or clothes in spare time. Most emo kids lke to learn how to play guitar, and own a pair of chucks, besides chucks, emo kids dress the way they want to, and dont care what others think.
That emo kid was talking about her hate for popularity.
dodane przez That Camera Kid kwiecień 27, 2006
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I'm apparently an emo kid. and it doesn't seem to me that I cut and cry and write poetry, I suck at writing. sure I'm a middle class person but i dont whine about it. and I'm emo. But I dont't whine. I don't see everyones problem with emo kids. None of you know me, yet you are going to judge me. I dont wear glasses because I don't need them and shit like that. All of those things are stereotypes....those can be broken. So fuck off. I'm gonna go cut and cry. *cough*stereotype*cough*
look at me...i am a prep. i love gap and abercrombie and fitch. i just love that new eminem video on mtv. i'm such a whore that i'm being tested on for new, undiscovered std's. wow....i almost vomited when typing that
dodane przez Billy Bob Butterballs sierpień 26, 2005
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A kid who is usually emotional. They don't want to make their feelings public and end up expressing it mainly through poetry or songs. They listen to what they want to a don't care what others say about their tastes or likes. They are true to themselves and don't change like most scene kids. They don't shop at hot topic 24/7 and usually buy clothes that are more so comfortable than stylish. Dark colors are popular but it's not always black. They do not catagorize themselves as emo, others around them do this. When they cut, they usually intend on finishing it off or making it nice and deep. Scene kids usually scratch or draw fakes scars on themselves. Emo kids are not concearned with the likes or dislikes of others that are minescule to them. Emo kids also tend to stick with others that understand them better such as other emos and they care for their pack. Emos may seem like rebels or punks, but they rebel only if they believe in something. You will see them laughing and enjoying themselves because all people do. They think many things are very beautiful and they are saddened by the fact that so many people fail to see this and destroy it, what ever it may be. They don't look for acceptance, they except themselves.
Scene kids show off "cuts" on wrists or arms, ect. They want everyone to know about problems. They wear the newest clotes that they can find at to topic and wear it to look cool. They rebel against anything because they think its cool. They want to fit in with anything and they hate everything in life because they are little faggs that can't appreciate any beauty what so ever. They change to fit most peoples approval and are just fake and shady in general.
dodane przez HeroMustDrown marzec 26, 2011
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