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Should rightfully be named Excelsior Play Center. An actual, legitimate charter/independent-study high school where you can graduate without doing any work. Thousands of students already have discovered the secret of forging parent signatures on log sheets, which are annoying slips of paper that are required weekly and is supposedly proof of student work done. Not only does most of the student population slack off, but it is known that much of the faculty sits around and does NOTHING. However, Excelsior thrives due to a small number of hardworking faculty members and the effort of a very few smart students who, shockingly, actually do the assigned work. But for the most part, be prepared to learn NOTHING.
At Excelsior Education Center:
Student 1: Ok, winter break has ended. For the first week of school, we'll hang out at the mall. The second week, we can hang out at each other's house and watch movies all day. From then on, we'll do whatever we want.

Student 2: Isn't that what we've just been doing on winter break?

Student 1: Yeah...but the thing different is that we'll have to make time to forge our log sheets and "borrow" the answer keys.
dodane przez Millanny styczeń 06, 2008
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