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Short for "fabulous". Generally used by popular teenage girls or young women who are usually part of the "in" crowd. Also sed frequently by socialites, etc.
"Ohmigod! Juicy's new velour mini skirts are so totally fab!"
dodane przez vanessa lipiec 29, 2004
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FAB from the TV show "Thunderbirds" stood for "Full Acknowledgement of Braodcast." Gerry Anderson, the producer of "Thunderbirds" was known for these obscure catch phrases. In another series "Captain Scarlet" he usied SIG which stood for "Spectrum Is Green" They both meant roughly," ten-four", "I copy" and "roger that."
Jeff Tracy: "Scott set up a perimeter so Virgil can put down Thunderbird 2"
Scott: "F A B"

Colonel White: "All units return to base."
Captain Scarlett: "S I G"
dodane przez Yorgi D luty 11, 2006
FABS are a surf retro-pop band from the United Kingdom. They formed in 2003 around singer/songwriter/surfer girl Fabiola Gatti who's also in the public eye for her relationships with hot guys from the music scene like Johnny Borrell Razorlight, Brendon Urie Panic at the Disco, Gerard Way My Chemical Romance, etc.
FABS music has the unique edge of teen life seen through a surfer's eyes with titles like Surfergirl', Lighthouse' and Sunrise' . They've been compared to bands like MGMT and Operator Please among others.

dude do u know who FABS are? Of course, they're brilliant.
dodane przez Sarah3333 marzec 14, 2008
Every once in a while, you stumble across a band that can actually pull off having a female lead singer and still rock out. This band is from Scotland, UK and trust me, they are going places. Fabiola Gatti (lead vocalist) has superb talent for her age. This is probably one of the most underrated bands out there...

Person 1: Hey! Have you heard of Fabs!?
Person 2: Yeah! Fabiola Gatti is so hot!! And skilled, of course.
Person 1: They are so underrated...
dodane przez Gemma_gem kwiecień 08, 2008
A band that originated from The United Kingdom.
Surf music, indie, bit retro pop.
Their vocalist Fabiola is a surfer chick with a B 52's-esque voice. Brilliant tunes.

Although it may seem the band has gotten attention due to Fabiola's beauty rather than their music, their true fanbase is quickly growing larger and spreading across the country.
person 1 : bought a Fabs 7' vinyl yesterday
person 2 : dude, u r so retro!
person 1 : yeah
dodane przez JeremyNY kwiecień 09, 2008
"Fuck A Bitch"
Is commonly known in the Sacramento Oak Park Area as being a sub-sect of the Oak Park Bloods. This sect commonly identifies itself as being from 4th Ave or 8th Ave. These gang members are also natorious rivals to the BAY gang of the G-Parkway area or the "Starz"
Them FAB niggas bangin starz down
dodane przez G-28 kwiecień 11, 2007
fuck a bitch
1. If you do something nice for a chick and you get nuttin in return and da chick dont apprecaite da shit.......F.A.B

2. You take a chick 2 da movies or out anywhere in hopes of gettin wit her or gettin in her (lol) and u just get a hug bye.....F.A.B

3. A girl who Calls you constanly to hangout,chill go places pretty much anything where u gotta spend bread but they got a man.....F.A.B. call ya man

P.S Not sayin all girls are bitches but if you do one of these things.....then you are in fact A Bitch
4. chicks who call u up and want u 2 do stuff for dem but thats as far as they want it 2 go; F.A.B

dodane przez QuayMan lipiec 10, 2008
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