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used in England for shorter version of Football, which americans call Soccer
You goin down the park for a game of Footy?
You watching the footy tongiht?
dodane przez Jarocho Condessa marzec 11, 2004
Footage. From Freebord (skate/snowboard) culture. Video of an individual riding, doing tricks, etc. Typically hosted on a website.
You broke your bord practicing a backflip? Dude, where's your footy?
dodane przez SoFaux lipiec 07, 2005
slang word used by most Aussies describing AFL (Australian Football League).
I’m going to watch the footy.
dodane przez bread infection grudzień 05, 2009
To get a guy off by using only your foot.
I got a footy last night under the table at Chili's!
dodane przez Carve a ham! lipiec 29, 2011
The act of sending a person from one bureau to another, claiming it's in the other bureau domain.
Those bureaucrats do the footy with a person till he goes bananas, but when you owe them, they go straight to the point.
dodane przez Shapoklak kwiecień 07, 2014
The act of giving or receiving a footjob.
I got a footy in the back seat of the car.
dodane przez TNuttyP czerwiec 01, 2011
trainers worn to play footy.
footies are football trainers
dodane przez Peanut-butter Wolf czerwiec 04, 2006