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A place where mentally retarded people with internet connections screech all day long about a man who's been out of office for 5 years and the "Liberal Media".

The forum members also get swindled out of millions of dollars a year by someone who's a wee bit less a retard than the members.
Hey Free Republic is having another pledge drive. Looks like Jimbo is upgrading to the S-Class.
dodane przez Mark_Chonks kwiecień 04, 2006
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Last year I posted my reflections on the Iraq war on the "free republic" website. First, the war rationale was based on lies. Second, the goals of the Bush administration were: To find and destroy weapons of mass destruction, to save the lives of Americans, to oust Saddam Hussein, to turn Iraq into a free democracy, to stabilise the Middle East, and to keep oil prices low. I politely pointed out that the Bush administration had achieved only one of these goals, the ousting of Saddam Hussein, and that they had failed (and still do) quite miserably in the pursuit of all those other goals.

The free republic operators then politely and silently removed all of my posts (even those not related to the topic) and closed my account. Truth hurts, baby. Not that I am surprised.
"Hey, why don't you use Windows Media Player? It's free!" - "You mean free as in free speech?" - "No, dude, free as in free republic!"
dodane przez Arne Vogel maj 23, 2006
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An insipid Republican chat room masquerading as a "conservative forum." Also, a lesson in how not to run a successful website.
Hey, have you guys seen that critical op-ed about Dubya posted to Free Republic? LOL. No, really.
dodane przez GJP maj 13, 2006
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Every conservative's favorite porn site.
I caught Jeff beating off to Free Republic
dodane przez Squid Wrangler marzec 27, 2005
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Very conservative website, stopping just left of sites like stormfront. In many cases they are actually like stormfront, although their mindless hatred is directed toward Islam, rather than Judaism. The population of "freepers" is predominantly white male, with some (white) women scattered in. The ignorant among them believe that America is totally desegregated, while the others believe it is the fault of the minorities for not acting "empowered." How do you know whether you belong at Simple... you are a freeper if *ALL* of the following apply to you:

1. You're white.
2. You're anti-Islam.
3. You believe gays aren't human beings and are living in sin.
4. You frequently use the terms LIEberal and demonRAT.
5. You're right of President Bush on the political spectrum in every aspect.
6. Throwing true conservatism to hell, you support the war in Iraq.
7. You can't hear the word "Clinton" without frothing from the mouth.
8. You insult John McCain, arguably the sanest Republican in Washington D.C., for supporting a ban on torture. I suppose you're right, he's totally unqualified to discuss torture. I don't think I could name a person who has less right to support the ban than him.

If you think my post is unfair or that I am biased, just read any of the threads, particularly ones involving race/Islam.

The comments should tell you everything you need to know about the site.
After visiting free, I am always overcome with the violent urge to vomit.
dodane przez TiaxTheMighty listopad 07, 2005
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Oh my..

Where does one begin?

Just another whack-job website where contributors discuss the minutae of whether the earth is either 6,001 or 6,002 years old.

Highlights include heated debates on whether Noah included baby or full-grown dinosaurs on his boat and which of the dinosaurs that man co-existed with back in the day were the best to serve up with grits for breakfast.

At least they're all in the one place on the net.

Check it out. You will assuredly weep with laughter.
I needed to know for my Creationism class what that couple of Noah-rescued T-Rexs ate while floating merrily around the world on the Ark during that unexpectedly heavy rain shower. Free Republic was a boon as it turns out that for the duration all carnivores became Vegans and ate only seaweed, rather than the easily available onboard prey.

Free Republic is a laughable collection of (largely and unsurprisingly American) nutters. Best leave them to it.
dodane przez Kijamo listopad 23, 2009
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See Also: Hypocrisy
Free Rebublic is a particularly disgusting web site which is anything but "Free". The excuse made for the rampant censorship which takes place there regularly is most often that it is a privately owned site and thus not obligated to refrain from erasing any trace of thought that goes against it's own grain. OK. Fine. But don't claim that posts aren't erased and ideas aren't censored, because they are. Try a google search for "Free Republic Censorship", or even just "Free Republic". There are plenty of victims of this Orwellian memory hole out there. I know. I'm one of them.

I tried to set the record straight for my friend Phil, and I was censored and banned THREE TIMES withing half an hour.
dodane przez Jason luty 10, 2005
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