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1. to have sexual intercourse with
2. to be clean from head to toe
3. to smell very clean
1. "Don't try to get fresh with me!"
2. " girl, look at him, he's so fresh!!"
dodane przez 2haunt4tv listopad 06, 2008
5 10
When you are fly ; dope ; crack. When everyone compliments you on your attire. Not only that but Rico is the definition of it. =]
Rico is deff fresh & everyone wants his attire & everyone wanna be him =]
dodane przez REiiNA kATii =] kwiecień 21, 2008
6 11
The act of wearing hip new stunning clothes
1;Damn girl Did you See Mr. Urvina today?
2; Nahh why?
3;He's lookin Freshhhhh!
dodane przez R.U's.Fresh.B kwiecień 05, 2008
4 9
A non alcoholic beverage that

freshen one

I'm going to have some fresh
"You wuss, have some cheer instead"
dodane przez Eugene and Zhina marzec 02, 2008
11 16
A term that is used to define a girl who wears no underwear with pants or a skirt.
Hey Trisha, I want you to come to school fresh tomorrow.
dodane przez J.B.Y. luty 23, 2008
4 9
az to be gettin too rude 'n' fiesty wit someone
*Oi y u bein fresh 4?
*STOP wit ur fresh self
*Who u gettin fresh 2
dodane przez Stephanie Smith lipiec 22, 2005
13 18
completely awesome. the newest or the coolest, or both. used often by the Beastie Boys. can also be used for describing the quality of produce. Also used for when you really have nothing to say after someone states something either too random, or something you couldn't care less about.
-"Hey my man, check out that woman's mustache, yo."
dodane przez Ganoosi listopad 16, 2004
47 52