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Thrifty, referring to a person. Or sparse, referring to things.
"People who grew up in the Depression seem to be more frugal. They never buy name-brand stuff!"

"Ebenezer Scrooge retired, after long a day of screwing people over, to his dingy apartment to consume his frugal (thin/watery) serving of gruel" --severly paraphrased from Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"
dodane przez blueagave marzec 22, 2006
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WEEEEED codename...nice right
damn u nigga yd u steal my frugals
dodane przez george the penis marzec 05, 2004
noun- a jewish person
that rich-ass heeb is very frugal
dodane przez Gesus styczeń 30, 2004
Sexy, yet suprisingly revealing
It seems we're in some kind of forest, dense, yet frugal
dodane przez Pedro Mendez Mulachos kwiecień 17, 2003
stupid in how much they know about fassion & the real world. Frugal people seem to live in their own little uncool bubble.
My mom is weirdly frugal
dodane przez Sarah maj 29, 2004
An intelligent participator in the economy.

for the retards

A person who spends money.
Exxo is very frugal, they funded the bush' adminstration's next election funds in return for the conquerring of Iraq for Iraq's oil.
dodane przez waffle październik 17, 2003
Another word for cool or awesome.
Those shoes are so frugal!
dodane przez Krista & Maria lipiec 26, 2006

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